Monday, September 26, 2011

Hoagies' Page Top 10 articles...

You know Hoagies' Gifted Education Page for it's resources. Any question that you have about gifted, you can be assured that there's a page of answers on Hoagies' Page. Differentiation? Yup. Acceleration? Uh, huh. Underachievement? Definitely. Twice Exceptional? There's a whole section on that! Games and Toys for gifted kids? That's another whole section!

But did you know that Hoagies' Page also has articles, great reading, answers, success stories, research, and more, with authors from "just a parent" to world-renowned gifted professionals. Come visit for a few moments, and read the most popular articles on Hoagies' Page?

11. Advocating for a Grade Skip: A Portfolio of Research by Sandy. Sandy offers a great example of a portfolio showcasing the "whole child" in preparing for those sometimes difficult "grade skip" meetings...

10.5 So, the thing is…
I never wanted to be one of THOSE moms
by Barbara Cooper. When I need a laugh, I read "So, the thing is…" by Barb Cooper. Do you feel like you've become one of "those moms?"

10. Why do my child's test scores vary from test to test? by Carolyn K. Intelligence vs. achievement tests, group vs. individual tests, tests from different publishers using different size and make-up of normalization populations... no wonder parents and teachers can't make heads nor tales of all the scores and how they compare!

9. Gifted Readers and Reading Instruction by Dr. David Levande. What should reading instruction for the gifted reader look like?

8. Parent's Unofficial Guide to Gifted IEPs and Gifted IEP Meetings by Todd McIntyre and Wayne Mery. In Pennsylvania and some other states, the gifted mandate requires that gifted children receive an individual Gifted IEP specifying their academic levels and needs. How can parents and teachers make this document worthwhile?

7. Why Should I Have My Child Tested? by Carolyn K. Why should a child be tested? How old should they be at test time? What kind of results are you hoping to get from the testing? Can testing now be difficult? These and other questions answered...

6. The 10 most commonly asked questions about highly gifted children by Kathi Kearney. Answers, too!

5. How Can I Prepare My Child for Testing? by Aimee Yermish. Aimee tells us what we should, and shouldn't, do to prepare our gifted kids for testing and assessment.

4. Assessing Gifted Children by Julia Osborn. This classic article compares simple testing with full gifted assessment... the difference is key.

It's gratifying to report that three most popular articles on Hoagies' Gifted Education Page, and five of the top ten, are all written by... Carolyn K. Me. Feels funny to say that. I think I need to go reread the links on Imposter Syndrome.

3. Testing and Assessment: What Do the Tests Tell Us?. A companion article to "Why Test?" continues the odyssey of testing and assessment and understanding the results.

2. What is Highly Gifted? Exceptionally Gifted? Profoundly Gifted? And What Does It Mean?. With today's tests it's not easy to find a clear demarcation, but differences are clear when you compare levels of gifted children. Labels don't matter, but planning for the gifted child's education must take his or her level of giftedness and resulting needs into account.

1. Reading Levels of Children's Books: How Can You Tell?. The answer is... it depends. There are more measures of reading level for children's books than you have fingers. Often, different measures give different results. Is the reported reading level based on vocabulary and sentence complexity, or on the length of the book, or the emotional maturity of the content? Does it matter? Find out here.

There are lots more articles on Hoagies' Page, Miraca Gross on aspects of acceleration, Kathy Kearney on highly and profoundly gifted, Linda Silverman on 25 years of gifted evaluations, Success Stories by parents and educators, and more. Be sure to stay a while and read!

Tell me, what other articles would you like to see on Hoagies' Page?

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